Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Open Source Software Packages on IBM AIX

I was busy preparing an AIX 6.1 LPAR to act as a Hudson slave today when I needed to have certain open source packages (git, subversion, python, perl, and a whole bunch of other development tools) installed to make my life a bit easier.

I browsed over to IBM's AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications only to realize that some of the applications there are *REALLY* out of date and some applications (Git, Subversion) does not even feature in the download listing. *sigh*

After some more browsing I came across this gem:

It has relatively up to date packages ready for install on AIX using rpm. It also includes packages thats not available for download without a login on the IBM site (Open[SSH|SSL]). And, as a bonus, it links to other sites containing up-to-date packages if it just so happens that you cannot find what you are looking for.


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